The Guild is a unique building in the Castle. To build it, you need to add the NFT of the Guildhod to the Castle, after which the functionality of creating a Guild will become available to you.

Creating a guild includes several options:

  • Title (1 word)

  • Tag (2 capital letters)

  • Emblem (picture of the guild flag)

After the creation of the guild, the player who created it is the Main Guild (GG). He has access to the functionality of inviting players to his guild by entering the wallet address. By default, 5 slots are available for inviting users.

When inviting a user, a request to join is sent to him. Joining a guild costs 20 tokens of each type.

In case of refusal - again the Guild cannot send an invitation to this user. So be careful when joining or rejecting.

If the invitation is accepted, the user becomes a member of the Guild (GG). A new Building is automatically added to his castle: Guildhall.

From now on, 10% of all collected resources from the nodes are automatically transferred to the guild warehouse as GuildCoins at the rate - 1 resource 1 coin.

Thus, GuildCoins are accumulated in the Guild warehouse (in the GG building).

The increase in the level of the Node is available only to the GG for GuildCoins. By increasing the level of the Node, you increase the amount of resources that absolutely all characters extract per hour on this node. Base value at level 1: 100%.

Node LevelPriceResource extraction



100% > 120%



120% > 140%



140% > 160%



160% > 180%



180% > 200%



200% > 220%



220% > 240%



240% > 260%



260% > 280%

If the CG attacks any Castle and wins, his Guild receives Glory (to the Guild's warehouse) equivalent to the number of enemies killed. Thus accumulate the Glory of the Guild.

In the event of the defeat of the CG, his guild loses 20% of Glory from the number of soldiers killed by the enemy

So attacking other guilds is not only useful in terms of resources, but also in terms of Glory, lowering its amount from enemies and increasing it in your Guild.

Thus, Glory accumulates in the Guild Warehouse. The top guilds by Fame will be rewarded at the end of the wipe.

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