📋Road map

This is not the final version and everything is subject to change

Phase 1: December 2022

We are planning an Alpha test without the possibility of earning (withdrawal of tokens is impossible), but with a Bounty system for finding bugs in our game. Number of slots: 80

Alpha pass owners (staking in the game) will have access to the alpha test.

Phase 2: December 2022

The first sale of Lands (castles). Whitelist will be given to Alfa Pass owners

The Beta test phase is planned almost immediately after the end of the Alpha test. Access to the Beta will be open to 200 players (early role). This test will test the mechanics of war, conquest and events.

The game process will still take place on the mainnet without the possibility of earning and withdrawing tokens.

The most active players will receive Alpha passes.

Phase 3: January 2022

Presale of Character and Land packs to Alpha pass owners (1 day) and global sale of 100 packs.

Start of the game with a server of 100 slots

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