Game location

Game nodes are locations on the global map of Camelot. It is in them that the resources for the game are extracted.

Nodes are:

  • Forest - Woodcutter extracts logs

  • Mine - Blacksmith mines iron

  • Farm - Hunter gets meat

Each character needs time to deliver the resource to the castle, so the closer the node, the more resource will be mined per hour. The base value of the loot is listed on the Characters page. Each time you collect resources, 10% will remain in the node for the possibility of capture and robbery.

With an Army and an Attack Fort, you can capture Node. If the capture is successful (you won the battle), the attacking fort is destroyed, and the node becomes yours. But the opportunity to pick up resources will be available to you only after 60 minutes

If during this time the owner of the node has not changed, the Army can collect the resources that it can carry away.

If a new battle has taken place within 60 minutes and the owner has changed, the timer is reset.

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