Vassal system, Suzerains and treasury
The Vassal system is a system of subjugation of castles that were captured with a tax on booty for subsequent robberies.
In order for the enemy castle to become your Vassal, you need to:
  1. 1.
    Craft "Family Crest" in the Barracks
  2. 2.
    Add "Family Crest" to the Army
  3. 3.
    Successfully attack the Castle and win the battle
After these actions, the Family Crest is removed from the Army, and the owner of the castle becomes your Vassal (you are his Suzerain).
If the attacked player was not a Vassal before the attack, she becomes your Vassal, and a Vassal treasury is created in his mining buildings, which will be filled with resources when they are collected.
If the Attacked player was already someone's Vassal before the attack, he becomes your Vassal and now his treasury will be yours. Resources that are already in the treasury remain.
If the attacked player was already your Vassal before the attack, your Family Coat of Arms is not removed, and you fill the army warehouse first with resources from the treasury, and only then from the buildings warehouse.


This is the second storage in the mining buildings in the castle, the owner of which is someone's Vassal.
The treasury is filled with resources when collected by the characters according to the calculation of 70% to the treasury and 30% to the warehouse of the building.
When filling 100% of the capacity of the treasury, all 100% of the resources will go to the warehouse of the building.
The maximum capacity of the treasury: this is the amount of resources that the characters will get in 10 hours.
When a Vassal's Suzerain attacks again, the treasury is emptied into the Army's warehouse
If the Vassal wins over the Suzerain, all resources from the treasury are available for branding in the main storage of the building

Get rid of the Suzerain

In the event of an attack by the Suzerain on the castle of his Vassal and a loss, he ceases to be a Vassal
In the event of a Vassal attacking the Suzerain's castle and winning (with or without a coat of arms), he ceases to be a Vassal