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Необходимые NFT для старта игры

Alpha: To play the Alpha version, you must have an Alpha access key. Please note that in both Alpha and Beta versions it will be impossible to create or withdraw any NFT values, including tokens

Land (Castle)

To access the game, you need to brand the Castle: choose the castle you like on the map and confirm ownership by sending the NFT of the castle to the game. After that, the castle becomes yours.

After branding the Castle, the internal mechanics of importing NFT buildings are available to you.


Depending on the availability of NFT, you can import 1 building of one of 3 types:

  • Woodcutter's house

  • Blacksmith's house

  • Hunter's house

The above buildings are available as NFTs. Without them, it's impossible to add characters as they populate buildings.

After some time, other buildings in the game will be available for purchase. They are in-game and cannot be withdrawn to the wallet.


The main workers are in the castle. Characters do all the work of collecting, processing, creating tokens, armies, buildings.

By default, you have 1 slot for each character in 1 building. For resources, you can increase the capacity of some buildings and add more characters.

Available characters in the game:

  • Woodcutter

  • Blacksmith

  • Hunter

  • Trainer

  • Builder

Each of the above characters has its own mechanics, its own crafting recipe book.

For a full-fledged gameplay, you really need to have at least 1 of each type of character.

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