Global updates

Game chapters
These are approximate updates. Still subject to change and discussion

Chapter 1. Guilds

Drop: NFT Guilds
The head of the guild adds an NFT to his castle, after which he has a building. The guild is first registered in it, indicating the coat of arms, commission percentage and tag. Then you can invite users. For each invite, the user pays in tokens.
Each member of the guild, when collecting, will give a part to the guild warehouse (according to the established commission). For these resources, the Guild Master will have the opportunity to upgrade the Node, increasing the amount of resources per hour. Also, for the combat victories of guild members, the guild rating will increase. For defeats, the rating will decrease. The top ranking at the end of the wipe will receive a cash prize in Wax.
1.1 Crafting levels
Crafting recipes now have levels. To be able to craft certain recipes, it is necessary that the level of the character and the building meet the minimum requirements of the recipe. This will affect token crafting recipes, warrior crafting recipes
1.2 Dynamic price change of Barak.
With each new day after unlocking the Barak, its cost will decrease by 15 resources of each type
1.3 Application of Alpha Pass
It is possible to add an Alpha pass to one of the characters, which will allow you not to stop extracting resources when attacking your castle.

Chapter 2. Vassals

Update without sale
Transition to 1 token: Gold - for the possibility of zeroing and restarting the token.
Reset character level to 1.
System of Vassals and Suzerains.
In the event of your successful Attack on the enemy's castle with the "Family Crest" item, the attacked enemy becomes your Vassal.
When the Vassal collects resources, some of them will go to the Suzerain's "tax".
With a repeated successful attack on the enemy’s castle, which is your Vassal, you also take resources from the “tax”.
In case of loss when attacking a Vassal, you cease to be his Suzerain, and he is your Vassal. The tax is canceled and all the resources that were for the tax are transferred to the building's warehouse.
In the event of an attack by the Vassal on the Suzerain's castle and victory, the attacker ceases to be a Vassal and the tax is canceled, the resources that were to pay the tax are transferred to the warehouse of the building.
The Suzerain tax is filled from the stigma of resources by workers, where 70% goes to tax and 30% to the building of the worker. After paying the tax in full, all 100% go to the warehouse of the building.

Chapter 3. Buffs

Drop: NFT building Alchemist's Tower
New in the game store: Guild (per token)
All effects go into the category of buffs: on the castle, on the building, on the character. Thus, the effect "Under attack" becomes a buff.
In the Alchemist's Tower, a character purchase for a token is available:
1) Alchemist White
2) Alchemist Black
Alchemist will allow you to craft scrolls: buffs (white), debuffs (black). There is 1 Alchemist slot available in the Tower.
1) Acceleration of production by 12-24 hours
2) Decrease crafting speed by 12-24 hours
3) Increase the walking speed of armies by 12-24 hours
1) Slow down production for 12-24 hours
2) Increase the walking speed of the Army by 12-24 hours
3) Pestilence of the army during the march to the Castle

Chapter 4. Heroes

Drop: NFT Heroes
New in the in-game store: Alchemist's Tower (per token)
Unique NFT characters with 2 buffs: 1 permanent, 1 temporary which is available for activation with cooldown (applying a buff to the hero)
Heroes can also walk around the map in cells for future updates.
Permanent Effects:
1) Discount for leveling up buildings
2) Discount on leveling up characters
3) Discount on purchases in the Store
4) Unique resource crafting recipe
5) A unique recipe for a new type of warrior
Temporary effect:
1) Increase the walking speed of the Hero
2) Temporary increase in Hero Power
3) Temporary increase in the Hero's Defense
New recipes in the Alchemist's Tower for the Hero for a token.
Cooldown active skill for a token.
Daily spawns on the resource map to collect them with the help of the Hero.

Chapter 5. Bosses

Drop: NFT Tavern
New in the game store: Temporary weak heroes
The NFT Tavern allows the Hero to be sent to move around the map.
Temporary events (locations) on the map with the Hero's ability to enter this location. If the amount of damage inflicted by the Heroes on the Boss is greater than his health level, and the event time has not ended, the Boss dies. Heroes gain experience. The drop is divided randomly between the Heroes that dealt the damage. If the amount of damage in the allotted time was not enough: all the Heroes that took part take damage (lose characteristics)
New Alchemist recipes for crafting Artifacts from their drop parts.
1) Items for the Hero
2) Items for mining Characters
3) Map with a treasure

Chapter 6. Dungeons

Drop: NFT Traveler
New in the in-game store: Tavern (per token)
The traveler can be sent in search of a dungeon. When found - it is displayed on the map as a location that the Hero can enter. Dungeon, this is a random generation of a dungeon map with monsters and chests of 3 types:
1) Normal
2) Rare
3) Legendary
Normal: resources
In rare: single-use tools, single-use items for the Hero
Legendary: Artifact Parts
New recipes for the Alchemist to create keys to open chests.