Server reset

To prevent deflation of game tokens, each of the servers will exist for 30-40 days.

Server life can be conditionally divided into phases:

  • Release (5-10 days). Accumulation of resources for the next phase

  • Creation of armies (5-10 days). Creation of armies and an attacking fort become available

  • Robbery of Castles (5-10 days). The mechanics of robbing other people's castles become available

  • Node capture (5-10 days). The mechanics of capturing, holding and robbing resource nodes become available

  • Server Stop (Wipe)

Wipe clears warehouses of resources, army and warriors.

Building leveling progress is reset. The purchased buildings of the Barracks and the Architect's House are removed.

Character leveling progress is saved as a parameter on the NFT.

The server will still exist for some time to Export NFT to your wallet

After the wipe, a new server will be opened where you can go and start playing with the progress of your NFTs. Also, the very location of the Castles, nodes and the map will be changed, this will allow you to diversify the game process.

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